Wayfair child sex trafficking conspiracy and vendor vetting

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Wayfair categorically rejected a widely-circulated conspiracy theory that alleged sex trafficking on the behemoth’s site was hiding in plain sight.

Social media users speculated that expensive cabinets and furniture on Wayfair’s site were in fact an avenue for the sale and trafficking of missing children. Yikes. They alleged this explains several outrageously-priced products on Wayfair’s site - including screenshots of sale prices between $12,699.99 and $14,499.99.

The conspiracy’s complete details are easily found throughout the web so we’re not going to indulge further in espousing them here beyond that, in part because Wayfair has categorically denied their legitimacy.

The apparent lack of truth to these claims doesn’t negate the deserved attention it has created about many aspects of Wayfair’s business including its relationship with vendors and suppliers.

We welcome this byproduct of the seemingly baseless conspiracies because a vital component to a marketplace is trust. And trust cannot exist unless both sides of a transaction are known and defined.

Envizzo has built its reputation and business on the breadth and quality of its suppliers, which provides an unsurpassed selection of over 40,000 curated furnishings.

We believe our diligent process of vetting and scrutinizing our suppliers and vendors is an industry-leading best practice. It is the backbone of our well-lit marketplace.

Here is a brief overview of our process to vet our vendors. We:

  1. Approach or meet suppliers that fill a gap in our marketplace offerings and ensure suppliers cannot sign up to sell on our marketplace,

  2. Host discovery calls to review products, meet with designers, review samples (if applicable), understand their manufacturing processes and warehouse locations,

  3. Finalize our relationship through thorough financial vetting, finalization of pricing and terms, and uploading of product catalogue to our marketplace,

  4. Maintain our contact once onboarded. Our relationship remains very personal with quarterly phone, video, and/or in-person meetings for account reviews or at trade shows

  5. Constantly review our partners throughout the lifecycle for quality standards, design excellence, ethical standards, and overall ability to deliver

Our industry-leading standard of quality is a direct result of our careful, deliberate effort to find, recruit, and vet the best companies in the furniture and design industry.

We’re constantly reviewing our marketplace to ensure transparency and to safeguard our marketplace is a safe environment for all parties involved.

If you have questions about this process or our suppliers and vendors, please contact us at info@envizzo.com.