Well-heeled companies will rule in commercial real estate post-COVID-19

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Envizzo CEO: Consolidation in commercial real estate is coming

Our CEO Ariel Maidansky provides a glimpse into his view of the tumultuous dynamics in the commercial real estate industry amid the coronavirus pandemic on MarketWatch. He looks past the peak of the pain we're now in and sees the well-heeled companies as king in a market primed for consolidation and change.

Ariel discusses the far-reaching head winds facing the industry -- from companies leasing space, to the flexible real estate models that have experienced outsized growth in recent years like co-working and co-living. He offers his insight on trends to look for as we strive for recovery from COVID-19.

Read the full article here on MarketWatch.

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Ariel Maidansky is CEO and co-founder of Envizzo, an online provider of interior design and furnishings for commercial and residential spaces.