Lighting Tips For Furnishing Your Rental Properties

Lighting your space

Entering the vacation rental world can be both exciting and overwhelming. There is so much to consider when furnishing your units. When designing your rental unit, the goal is to create a beautiful space that makes your guests feel welcome. It’s important to make sure each area is aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. A great way to create a more inviting feel, is by adding multiple points of illumination throughout your space. Not sure what type of lighting to use? Not to worry, our design team has a few pointers on placement, color, and fixture selection!

Choosing warm or cool lighting

Having trouble deciding what color lighting to use? When choosing warm or cool lighting, it should depend on the function of the space. Focus on the experiences your guests may have when in each particular room. Will they be relaxing on a sofa in the living room, or preparing a large meal in the kitchen? The amount of lighting and tone of lighting will effect these experiences.

Using warm lighting.

Spaces where your guests can go to relax and decompress, should have warm lighting. The rich yellow hue from each bulb creates a cozy feel, and is similar to the glow of a candle. The best places to use warm lighting is in bedrooms, living areas, and dining rooms.

Using cool lighting. Spaces where your guests can be productive, should have cooler lighting. The cool bright illumination is similar to daylight, which will energize your guests and have them feeling more attentive and focused. The best places to use cool bright lighting is in offices, garages, and kitchens.

Light placement

Place lamps and switches in easy to reach places.

Functionality is key! When thinking about lamp placement, focus on adding light near areas that get a lot of use. When planning your design out keep these three placement rules in mind!

  1. Place light switches and floor lamps near each entrance. Placing a floor lamp or light switches near each entrance in your rental will make it easy for your guests to navigate your space.

  2. Add table lamps next to sofas, occasional chairs & on night stands. Adding table and floor lamps is a great way to bring in additional lighting, and is easy for your guests to adjust while still relaxing.

  3. Add string lights to your outdoor spaces. Exterior spaces need lighting as well, especially if you want your guests to utilize it. Add some string lights with rounded Edison bulbs to create a nice atmosphere.

Embrace natural lighting.

Bringing natural light into your common spaces. It is a great way of making a room feel large and more vibrant. Upon your guests’ arrival be sure sure your curtains are open wide, so the daylight fills your space and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Now get started!

Start applying these tips to your space today! Seeking some additional design inspiration? You can check out a wide selection of lighting fixtures on the Envizzo marketplace. A little bit of lighting goes a long way.