A new chapter & a stronger vision than ever

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Since our founding, our mission has been to design spaces that humans thrive in. Launching a full-service online design and furnishing platform that would offer design inspiration and a much-needed solution for property managers. We created Envizzo because we truly believe that great spaces tell stories, and it’s those little details that keep guests coming back again (and again).

Envizzo was born out a desire to serve what founders Kristie and Ariel saw as the future of the real estate. Originally launched as a product placement company, the founders were passionate about launching and testing exceptional brands with a broad clientele.

Short-term renters gained access to exciting new designer goods, and property managers were thrilled that their units were getting a design makeover at a fraction of the cost, and without the added time and expense of shopping for these products themselves.

That got them thinking: What if they expanded their service to include space design, from concept to execution? With Kristie’s background in interior design and branding, and Ariel’s knack for finance and procurement, Envizzo was born. Today, its online platform has become an essential destination for property owners who want their spaces to stand out.

We’ve been honored to design countless vacation rentals, boutique hotels, co-living and office spaces, truly expanding the scope of what we can do. Our clients rely on us for making great design as simple, functional, and effortless as possible. With transparent planning, an enormous array of options, and a delivery and installation process they don’t have to think about.

Today, we’re excited for the next phase. Debuting a brand new logo, updated mission statement and brand values, Envizzo is doubling down on the things we’re made of. Our geometric sans-serif logo is completely scalable and aligns with our tech-forward design platform. Its four ‘walls’ represent the core functions of our business and our brand: design, marketplace, logistics, and installment.

If you’re ready to join our design movement, we’re here to support you in creating the space of your dreams. Whether you decide to become a member, a supplier, or just a friend, we hope you’ll come along for the journey and see what’s next for our company.

- The Envizzo team