10 Furniture-inspired pet names in the time of COVID-19

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

There have been many trends during the COVID-19 lockdown and subsequent re-opening that have changed how we live our lives. From homeschooling to working from home to online grocery shopping to Netflix binge watching. Ok, maybe we were binging Netflix pre-quarantine, too!

An unmistakable trend that we at Envizzo are loving is the 300% uptick since COVID began in pet adoption.

One of our founders recently adopted a Goldendoodle puppy. Our first question to him was, of course, “What’s his name going to be?”

We rapidly began putting together suggestions for the name which, as you would have guessed, had to be furniture-related. It is what we do.

We compiled a list of the top 10 Envizzo dog names and many of them can be used for a range of pets so we wanted to share with all of you.

Hopefully Envizzo can help you pick the best furniture-inspired name based on his/her traits:

Does your dog like to chase balls around your yard but he’s just a little fancier than a “Chase”? Does he go from chasing to lounging at the drop of a hat? Maybe he’s part Frenchie or just has that Joie de vivre? You might have a Chaise on your hands.

A brown chaise

Is your dog a lazy, put-his-feet-up-all-day kind of dog? Does he just lounge around the apartment staring out the window or lazing in the sun rays? Maybe his ancestry comes from Southeastern Europe, perhaps present-day Turkey? You might want to consider Ottoman as a name.

A leather ottoman.

Is your dog oh-so-elegant? Like more elegant than all of the other dogs, that she can barely even be considered a dog? Maybe she’s dainty and her coat is so elaborate that she would be fit for a French King? You may have just adopted a Canapé.

Does your dog bleed New England through and through? Did you rush to buy that Cam Newton jersey for your dog as soon as he was traded? Can your dog catch a baseball while jumping over your backyard miniature recreation of the Green Monster? You might want to consider Davenport for a name.

Is your dog such a good listener that after a conversation with her, you feel like you just saw your Therapist? Could you lay for hours discussing feelings in her comfort and non-judgmental nature? You may want to consider naming her Divan.

If your dog is convertible enough to play gently with your kids and is still a good guard dog? Is he so well-behaved on “take your dog to work day” then scares off a thief on your walk home? If you’ve got a dog that 2 people can comfortably watch TV with then he will happily sleep with them all night long, then you may want to go with Futon for a name.

Does your dog not know his size? Does he weigh 8 lbs soaking wet but think he’s not a pound under 50? Maybe he’s commonly referred to as a wiener dog or people walk by and say, “aww look at those little legs?” You’ve got yourself a Lowboy.

Did you just adopt a workhorse of a dog who looks great at the same time? She shows well, plays well, works well - she’s got it all. Is she perhaps an ultra-American breed that can be found in anytown USA? You just adopted a Hutch.

A hutch with a geometric design.

Does your dog just love the outdoors? Loves being outside so much that it’s hard to get him in at night and he might as well be a permanent outdoor fixture? He’s functional, good looking, pliable and does well both inside and outside. You’ve got a Rattan in your backyard.

A rattan and glass case.

Do you have the most regal-looking dog there is? The type of dog that gets her own personal invitation to the hottest dinner party in town. She’s modern and timeless and goes well in any home from a California Craftsman to a New England Colonial. You’ve just taken home a Credenza.

A smoke credenza.

Did we miss any? Like our list? Let us know in the comments or by emailing info@envizzo.com.