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Frequently asked questions:


Where did the name “Envizzo” come from?
The name “Envizzo” comes from the idea of wanting to help envision new possibilities. We started by helping operators design and furnish spaces with stylish, functional and durable furniture and decor. This is just the beginning. Our service aims to make every aspect of property management effortless. We envision an endless number of possibilities for what we do next.

What is your mission?
Our mission is to become the one-stop online marketplace for real estate operators.

Where is the Envizzo HQ?
We’re headquartered in Soho, New York City.

How does Envizzo work?
Envizzo is an online marketplace that helps real estate property operators purchase and deliver quality furniture and decor. In addition, Envizzo provides several value-added services including customized interior design and final mile “white glove” delivery and installation.

Envizzo sources quality products directly from furniture manufacturers. The Envizzo Marketplace features over 10,000 items (including furniture, appliances, artwork, electronics, linens, and cleaning supplies) produced by more than 100 manufacturers.
Envizzo currently serves the US market.

How do I contact Envizzo?
We're always here to help answer any questions you have. The fastest way to reach us is to email info@envizzo.com.

Do you have a press kit?
Yes. Please reach out to press@envizzo.com to request a press kit directly.

Are you hiring?
Check out our careers page to see what roles we're hiring for right now.



What services does Envizzo provide?
Envizzo offers a range of services aimed at outfitting rental properties. These services include:
Interior Design - our team of interior design specialists work with clients to recommend unique collections of furniture and decor options selected based on style preferences, spatial idiosyncracies and budget requirements.

Furniture Purchasing - our team of furniture curators work with manufacturers to source the best products at exceptional pricing. On average, furniture prices are 30-40% below retail.
Delivery Logistics - our logistics team is responsible for coordinating shipments from manufacturers to a central warehouse before final delivery to the end destination.

“White glove” installation - our final mile team can take care of unpacking, assembling, and placing furniture, in addition to hanging wall decor, staging furniture for photo shoots and removing packaging materials.

Wallpaper Hanging - our wallpaper hanger partners are poets of precision, speed and taste.
Special Payment Terms - our financing team can offer flexible payment credit options to select customers that meet certain criteria.

I want to furnish my personal apartment. Can I use Envizzo’s services?
Envizzo is a service for real estate operators focused on enterprise-level leasers and quantities. Envizo does not serve individual furnishing projects.

Can I use Room Builder to design my own spaces or do I have to use Envizzo designers?
Your choice. We offer customers the option of selecting their own furniture and decor from our marketplace their own spaces using , or using the Envizzo interior design experts to create room-by-room design proposals. 

How is Envizzo able to offer such good pricing?
Why do products go out of stock?